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Selling with Aircraft Sales means benefiting from over 60 years of experience. We have strong relationships with reliable buyers, built from our North American and international contacts. Many of our contacts are repeat customers that have experienced the value of our services.  Our team of sales experts, support staff and marketing professionals not only provide you with the resources you need to sell but also create a unique sales strategy to get your aircraft sold in the least amount of time. Our Sales experts will price, market, and negotiate a sale that suits your needs.

It’s important to make a good first impression so your aircraft is not overlooked. Pricing an aircraft is generally established by the market and recent sales, but underneath there is a myriad of other factors. Our Sales experts have a deep knowledge of these essential factors to accurately price an aircraft. Advertised prices often do not reflect true value, only through research and inspection that true value can be established. At Aircraft sales, we do an in-depth analysis of every transaction to ensure your

best interest is looked after.

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