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We are associated with several aircraft financing corporations and private individuals. Rates range depending on a variety of factors and we work with you on these to get the best terms and rate possible.


Pre-Purchase inspections are very important for any transaction. We have a comprehensive network of the best people to get you a comprehensive detailed report on your potential aircraft


We have relationships with all the insurance underwriters and have detail on terms and conditions. We work with you to get the best rate and coverage possible.


Buying an airplane is about getting you where you need to go, how often, what distance, number of people and the cost. We analyze all these factors in order to provide you with an aircraft that suits your needs.


We help you to determine the cost of ownership and operation for your travel needs and how it can fit into your personal or corporate structure.


We are experts on Import and Export of aircraft. We ensure a smooth and worry-free process to move your aircraft across borders including Registration and De-Registration.

In Canada, it is necessary to have a Canadian Operating Certificate for Jet and Turbine aircraft. We can help you to determine whether to operate Privately (POC) or Commercially (COC). We can also assist in obtaining your registration status.

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